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Oppopinions Wanted: Garage Edition

The TL;DR is I want advice on painting my garage. Read below for the full journey.

I am working on finishing my garage. When we moved into the house it was bare concrete floor, only finished on 2 walls and painted in the shitiest manner possible. They also did something wrong with the mud/tape and all the tape lines in the drywall were visible. It was shit.


But I finally got rid of a bunch of stuff, and my dad and I set a sub-panel (along with a heavy up for the whole house) so we could add more receptacles along with a 240V drop for my compressor and a 240V back feed for a generator. We also hung some new LED light fixtures, and I piped in air lines through the wall and will have air taps on either side in the front corners of the garage. We also built a storage room above the garage so I can keep random car parts and other nonsense up there.

I can’t finish drywall for shit, so I hired someone to do it. They are wrapping up today and that means tomorrow or Thursday I can start painting. The plan is to give the whole thing a coat of Kilz primer.


After that, I’m not sure. I originally wanted to do an elaborate 3-tone scheme - white up high, a red stripe in the middle, gray on the bottom.

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The thing is, I have a lot more going on than this. I already this think this looks a bit off with black and grey cabinets, also the white plate covers half on the red and half on the grey look bad. I think I’m going to have the same issue, but worse. My tool chests are Craftsman, so red and dark grey. My air compressor is black. I got some free cabinets from a kitchen remodel job that are Home Depot Hampton Bay, so that really bright glacier white. I also have my floor epoxied in grey, with black, white, and beige flakes.

I’m afraid I’m going to end up with too many colors going on and if I can’t match shades exactly it’s going to look weird and bad.


Also, I’m not much of a painter. I was in the Navy, I can slather battleship grey over bulkheads, and that’s about the extent of my painting experience. I am starting to think sticking with one color would be a better choice. And maaaaaybe doing trim in a different color.

I’m starting to think this person has the right idea (and not just about the Porsche):

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Photo: Corvette Forum

A neutral greyish shade with white trim. That way everything kinda works together and it won’t look so busy. That way I’m not trying to match anything; it’s been said that sometimes it’s better to pick a very different color if you can’t get an exact match.

So what do you think, Oppo? Do you have any other suggestions?

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