One of the bigger things left to do for getting back on the racetrack next year is buying a new trailer. I’ve been there, done that with a janky old trailer, and the price difference between a used car trailer in decent shape and a new one isn’t enough to make me want to buy some else’s old trailer again. After spending much of the summer looking both in person and online at new trailers, I’ve found what I want. I face a decision on what color to tell the manufacturer to paint it, as I plan to place an order later this week.


I’ll have Carson trailer build me a 16 foot, open center, car hauler to the narrower 77" deck width (versus the standard 82" for car trailers) with electric brakes on one axle. For options, I’ll do 4" drop axles, a spare tire mount and the breakaway kit set up from the factory. They’ve got a dealer in Tucson, so it’ll give me a reason to take a drive there from El Paso in a month or two.

Everyone has a black trailer. Part of me is tempted to go for bright red trailer (and maybe even white wheels, too) to match the racecar and the white on red color scheme it runs. The real downside I see is that at some point a red trailer becomes a pink trailer, especially living outside in the desert southwest. In theory I could commit to throwing a coat of cleaner wax on it from time to time and prolong the red. It would look something a lot like this, but without the front rail that I don’t want.

The pragmatist in my says to go with white paint, as a white trailer will still look white for a very long time. White would match the accent color of the wheels, numbers and letters on the racecar, and it would match my white truck. Part of me thinks that it would be a little less interesting. What color does oppo vote for?

The racecar, naked without the white numbers, letters, sanctioning decals, ect.., and on the old CRX rollers. All the race wheels are team dynamics in white.
The tow vehicle

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