Oppopinions Wanted: Wheels (Updated)



Want to put some new rims on the Volvo as the current ones are a bit rashed. What do you all think, A or B?


To add some context, I’m doing a bit of a rally theme with the Volvo (after the last few mechanical bits are done), so whatever wheels I get I’m going to plastidip (which is why I wasn’t worried about the minor scratches on set A, nor the messed up centercaps, those are cheap). I liked A because they remind me of the OZ rally wheels, but B is also reminiscent of classic rally style wheels, so I think either would be good.

I’ve been dickering around with the guy selling set A for a 2 weeks now. I tried to get ahold of him again earlier today and still nothing, so I think he’s ignoring me or blocked me. I also found a few of his other ads and they seem kind of sketchy, so maybe I’m dodging a bullet here. But I think my decisions has been made for me.

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