Do other vehicles of your model have a weird effect on you? If end up by another Gen1 Colorado on the road, I’m immediately transformed into your typical social-eggshell-walker. I will let them in, unquestioningly. If they are behind me and seem to want to go faster, I will speed up for them, and often keep pace with them after they have a chance to get by. I will be the most careful driver I know how to be around them. I will try to sit beside them at lights, all in the name of Colorado brotherhood. Unless they do something assholey, even inadvertently, then they immediately become the lowest of low for disgracing the brotherhood they didn’t even know they were part of.

*Details may be are exaggerated, but you get the idea... I get weird around other Colorados.

New ones too, to an extent, but more in a “Hey! Nice truck! I too have a truck!” sort of way.