I know it doesn’t matter to the people on breathing down my throat for a write-in for Bernie in a state that went to Hillary in a glorious landslide, but Hillary is currently leading in the Popular Vote by about 200k votes. She’s been leading since early this morning. In this case, it’s an instance in where technically, the person who didn’t win the Popular Vote won the Presidency.

Also, can we please stop threatening to hurt/kill people? The amount of sore losers/violent people in this election is absolutely horrifying. Everyone’s going “my candidate lost because it’s YOUR FAULT”, “punch EVERYONE who didn’t vote Hillary”, “I hope everyone who didn’t vote for Hillary dies” ...

Look I understand history was just made in the direction half the country disagrees with...but instead of pointing fingers, we could start working on damage control.

Seriously, there already have been multiple suicides associated with the election, we do not need this crap right now.