Good evening, Oppo. I have a question for those of you who know more than me about things (which is most, if not all of you).

I’ve been helping a friend clean out his late father’s garage (more on that another time) and have the chance to take all four doors (and a fender) from a 1985 VW Rabbit shell which will otherwise be scrapped (the hatch is not in good shape and one fender is dented). They have no glass but aren’t rusty. A couple have some dings and/or the window track is bent (as if the window was broken out with a bat...).

All it would take from me is ~$20 in gas to drive out there and however long it takes to unbolt them from the (wrecked) shell. Are these worth anything, being the 4-door doors? Any other valuable bits I should look for if I go back? He said I can have whatever off it before he finds the title to scrap it.


Random internet picture of a similar car for your time:

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