Ok, so I’ve narrowed my choices for a new monitor for gaming to replace my 27" 1080p VA Pa el monitor. The resolution isn’t working for me at that size. If I want to stay in the same range, there’s this bad boy

Which checks most of the boxes. 1440p, 144hz, gsync, and I can get it for about $350+tax from Best buy.

There’s the option to go to a 32", Samsung QLED monitor, the CHG70, for about $550+ tax, with better colors, also 144hz, but no gsync. Pretty, but overkill? I was trying to stay under $500.

There’s also the option to wait for Black Friday when the HP Omen 32" will be o. Sale for $250 from Costco, also 1440p, but only 60 hz refresh, and no gsync, but good colors and it’s well liked. The 32's only go up like 11 ppi, whereas the 27 is up about 31, which should help with that jagginess I’m experiencing.

Also open to maybe going down to a 24" 1440p monitor, I guess? Hard to go down, though. Or a 29"ultrawide, but those would be 1080p again.


What say you, oppo?