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Oppo's Advice needed with Car Parts Shipping from US

Hello dear Opponauts, I come to you today to ask for your invaluable advice on the following problem I have:

My Mark VIII will need new front shocks for its airride system soon as the driver side currently leaks pressure (as they do) which often causes the car to act like its some kind of streetrod or half done lowrider. I learned a few days ago that pressurized air shocks are not allowed to be shipped by plane (for who knows what reason) which is why I need to find a shipping company that gives you the option of delivering parcels via container ship, without charging you an arm and a leg. Does any of our US based members know of a way to ship these parts to the UK privately? Motorcraft shocks are extremely hard to find which rules out most major car part suppliers, fortunately I’ve found a Mark VIII community member who is willing to sell a very decent set for a reasonable price, but he has no idea how to get them to me.

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On a related note: I received many great comments back when I wrote my posts about the Lincoln and more recently the Oldsmobile, many offering a hand, should I ever have trouble with finding a part or need other help. I though it might be a good moment to ask whether some of you guys would be willing to help me with a few orders for both the Mark VIII and Aurora I will need to do soon. Its basically about merging/redirecting parcels from different places like Rockauto and Ebay, but also some of which would not ship outside of the US. Any help with this would be appreciated!


I hope I have more to post about the cars soon, having 3 fairly maintenance heavy cars to deal with at the same time surely slows done progress quite a bit.

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