Oppo's can with plumbing help?

ugh, ok so I got a plumbing situation. My tub and bathroom sink are not draining. there’s no clogs in the traps,I checked them last night and the tub does drain over time. and I think I identified where the clog maybe.

it’s gotta be here. the big pipe on the right is the toilet, which flushes with gusto. So I can only assume the pipe I’m touching is the point of concern. the tub comes in from the top and the sink to the left.


Now the sink darin’s, in the sense that it back up’s into the tub. so I don’t believe there’s any issues between the sink and this pipe and the fact that water freely backs up into the tub makes me believe there’s no clogs in the tub traps either... But how do I fix this clog?

Can I just snake from the drain in the sink?

under the sink
the pipe under the sink in the basement
sink from left and top from center.

there’s under 10 feet here, do you think I could get a snake to that pipe? If not what should I do?

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