I need to find a factory Volvo wheel (a Zeus 16x7" 17 spoke). I got a set and I did a dumb, I wasn’t very thorough in inspecting them when I picked them up, and discovered that one is bent. The seller was moving so lord knows where they are now so I basically have no recourse there. I’ve looked into getting it straightned but that’s pricey, like almost as much as what the whole set of wheels cost me. I found some online wheel shops that have new OEM or refurbished wheels that are, again, more than what I have tied up in the whole set. I’m also planning to plastidip them so they don’t need to be perfect, just not bent.

I’ve checked eBay, Craigslist, FB Marketplace, etc. and no luck on this style of wheel. I found an online junkyard through car-part.com that has the wheel I want for $50 (plus shipping) but I’ve called and e-mailed and can’t seem to actually get ahold of anyone to actually purchase said wheel.

Does Oppo have any other suggestions for places I should look for this wheel?

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