I need you input on a potentially awesome, or incredibly costly, decision.

Owner said the bushings are old and need to be replaced, but really just noisy, and a “small leak from the left side of the rear diff and valve cover (just wet)“, but he’s currently dailying the car. Comes with or has recently had installed: 3 sets of wheels (“one set professional lightweight rally wheels”), 2 sets of rally tires (gravel:BFGoodrich w/ 70% left and snow:essentially brand new yokohama ice guards), 2 Drift Innovation HD cameras with remotes , new brakes, new alternator, relatively new turbo with 4k miles on it, 5 gal fuel jug, fire extinguishers, hood pins, trunk locks, new steering pump, and some other stuff

Would I be getting in over my head on this, or should I go for it?