I think we’ll have the first round on Monday, because there are 113 entries (I’ll add something to even it out) and with that many, I need time to find a bracket maker that won’t make me curl into a fetal position.

When we get down to the final 20 or so, I think it’ll be one vote a day.

Feel free to make any suggestions about how this should be organized.

Here’s the final list:

Let Me Ride – Dr. Dre

Drive Slow – Kanye West

Jesus Built my Hotrod – Ministry

Mechanix – Megadeth

Winnebago Warrior – Dead Kennedys

Stick Shifts and Safety Belts – Cake

I’m on Fire – Bruce Springsteen

Bitchin’ Camaro – The Dead Milkmen

Boys in the Hood – Dynamite Hack

Cruisin’ Down the Street in my 64 – Eazy E

The Key to Her Ferrari – Thomas Dolby

Cars – Gary Numan

Cadillac Ranch – Bruce Springsteen

South Bound Saurez – Led Zeppelin

Convoy (Movie version) – C. W. McCall

I’m in a Hurry – Alabama

She’s my Baby – Faithless

Teddybears - Punkrocker (Feat. Iggy Pop) –

My Hooptie – Sir Mix-A-Lot

2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac – Outkast

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac

Drive – R.E.M.

Take it Easy – The Eagles

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car – Billy Ocean

The Happening – The Pixies


Mabu – Pup

We Did it All for Don – Against Me

1922 Blues – Charlie Parr

Old white Lincoln – Gastlight Anthem

It Was a Good Day – Ice Cube

One Piece at a Time – Johnny Cash

No Particular Place to Go – Chuck Berry

Ol β€˜55 – Tom Waits

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar

Radar Love – Golden Earring

Beep Beep – The Playmates

Mabellene – Chuck Berry

Elvis Bought Dora a Cadillac – Wall of Voodoo

Drive She Said – Stan Ridgway

Drive on, Driver – The Magnetic Fields

Car Language – Guided by Voices

Motor Away – Guided by Voices

En gammal Amazon – Svenne Rubins

Dune Buggy – Presidents of the USA

Getting Married to my Pickup Truck – Rodney Carrington

Piece of Shit Car – Adam Sandler

Hot Rod Lincoln – Commander Cody

The Ballad of Thunder Road – Robert Mitchum

Mustang Sally – ZZ Top

Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top

Highway to Hell – ACDC

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy – Big & Rich

Everybody wants to be a redneck – John Landry

Rock the Casbah – The Clash

Brand New Cadillac – The Clash

London Calling – The Clash

Engine Revver – Corb Lund

Mein Deutsches motorrad – Corb Lund

White Cadillac – Danko Jones

Take Me Home – Danko Jones

Speeding Back to my Baby – Kiss

Grand Champion – Les Trois Accords

Bat out of Hell – Meatloaf

Men Without Hats – Freeways

Cruisin’ California – The Offspring

Pretty Fly for a White Guy – The Offspring

Up on a Motorbike – The Real McKenzies

We’re all in this together – Sam Roberts

Swing – CB Buddy

Manic Mechanic – ZZ Top

Sparate a Vista – Bixio Frizzi Tempera

Passenger – Deftones

Oblivion – Bastille

La Grange – ZZ Top

Rock and Roll – Led Zeppelin

Twilight Zone – Golden Earring

Crash – The Primitives

The Distance – Cake

Jerry Was a Race Car Drive – Primus

Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat – Paul Evans

Roam – B-52s

Planet Clair – B-52s

Love Shack – B-52s

5 to 9 – FIDLAR

Saudis in Audis –

Out for a Rip –

I’m Awesome – Spose

Little Honda β€˜64 – The Beach Boys

Racing in the Street – Bruce Springsteen

Shut Down – The Beach Boys

Dodge Veg-O-Matic – Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

Mr. Limousine Driver – Grand Funk

High Lonesome – The 59 Sound

Little Volvo – Ric Seaberg

Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrne

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin

LA Woman – The Doors

Citizen King – Jalopy Style

Left My Wallet in El Segundo – A Tribe Called Quest

Fuel – Metallica

Papa Loved Mama – Garth Brooks

Bonnie and Clyde – Travis Tritt

Cadillac Ranch – Chris Ledux

Black Sunshine – White Zombie

Red Barchetta – Rush

Little Red Corvette – Prince

Title and Registration – Death Cab for Cutie

The Passenger – Iggy Pop