Well, after 2 months and 10,000km my lift finally arrived and was promptly installed. 35's weren’t cutting it in the mud and I needed more ground clearance to accomodate the much needed 37's.

I ended up going with a BDS 4 link conversion. The 6" kit was the lowest I could go without any aggressive trimming/clearance issues. I’m happy with the way it sits, it’s not too high but tall enough to look imposing.

I’ve put about 1500km on the truck since the lift was installed last week and I’m pleasantly surprised with the on road manners, the ride has definitely improved noticeably in every way except acceleration and fuel economy. I’ve actually experienced a 15-20% reduction in fuel economy, which is significant, but luckily I don’t pay for fuel.

Off-road, it’s simply remarkable how greatly the ride has improved.


The extra articulation gained by the 4 link system, combined with the improved shocks, soak up bumps/potholes and make them much less noticeable. It makes it feel like speed bumps barely exist.

Washboard used to throw the truck all over the “road” but that’s no longer the case. It still rattles the truck intensely, however, the truck now stays on-track and has gained a much needed predictability going over that terrain. I’m absolutely thrilled with the improvement, here.

The biggest improvement, however, is definitely the increased ground/diff clearance gained by the bigger wheels. This is what makes the significant expense worthwhile. Before, I’d get stuck quite often while navigating muddy jobsites which wastes time and can cause uneeded towing/recovery costs. The power deployable running boards are especially handy in these situations, I lost two sets on my last truck.


Just another day at the office.

I’ve been on some absolutely terrible jobsites this past week where there’s been a CAT D6 dozer pulling vehicles around the site. With the big tires installed I’ve been able to just engage the 4x4, lock the diff, and crawl virtually wherever I need to go. Tire ruts were always an issue but that’s no longer the case.

All-in-all I’m very happy with the way it turned out and I’m kicking myself for not doing the mod to my older truck. Lord knows it would’ve helped in certain situations...


Goodbye running boards...

It’s not something I’d do for a highway/city truck but I’m thrilled with the way it’s improved my truck in offroad settings. It’s definitely money well spent.