Oppos Opinion on the Nissan X-trail

I’m looking for something to daily for the winter instead of the Xterra. I know that’s a little ass-backwards, but I really like my Xterra and my last Xterra had zero rust when I bought it, but was a rot box within 3 years of commuting to Toronto and back. That brings me to my second point. I’d like something a little more economical than the Xterra to commute in (it runs on 91 octane and maintenance isn’t exactly cheap). And since the 944 isn’t done yet, I can afford a second vehicle along side the Xterra.

I’ve become really fond of the Nissan X-trail in the last little while. I think they’re nice looking little, uhm, I guess they’re crossovers? Anyways, I like it as an alternative to the CR-V & Rav 4. I also like that you can get them in a 5-speed stick and with selectable 4-wheel drive. And from my experience with Sentra SE-Rs, the 2.5L QR25DE engine is indestructible.

Do any oppos have much of an opinion on the X-trail. Primarily, have any Canadian oppos here ever driven one? Does it drive similar to an older CR-V? I’m not looking for a mint example. Just something like this that isn’t rotted:


I do have two other options for winter vehicles right now. I have a 2008 Civic Sedan with a 5-speed stick available to me in good shape for $1500. I’ve owned several Civic’s over the years (‘87, ‘93, ‘98, ‘12) so I know that would be a fantastic second car. I also already own a loaded one owner 2005 Chrysler Pacifica that needs very little to be put back on the road (exhaust and tires). But that kinda negates the point of having an efficient second vehicle. I’m also not too sold on the reliability of a Chrysler product that isn’t a Neon.

Anyways, anyone here have any experience with the X-trail? I know they’re niche vehicles but it’s worth a shot!

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