Oppo's That Do Your Own Work - Do You Feel Defeated Having To Go To A Shop?

So, since I bought my E46, I’ve done every feasible repair that I can myself, in the discomfort of my friend’s driveway with homemade wood ramps & harbor freight jack stands -

The whole driveshaft, front wheel bearings, calipers, brakes, trans fluid, oil change, gluing trim pieces (lol), and more. Literally everything I can - that was the promise I made to myself.


But today, I dropped the car off at a shop for something that I probably COULD do myself, but would be hard to given time, and weather.

The car was at a dealer this past weekend to have an alignment done (yes, I know), when I got a call that they couldn’t complete the alignment due to a bent driver’s rear lower control arm. They charged me a small diagnostic fee, which is fine since it was their time, and even gave me a loaner for the day while it was there. They didn’t have the part and I wasn’t close to home, I was visiting family, so I didn’t have the work done there.


I picked the car up, and started doing research on how to replace it. The driver’s lower is particularly a pain because of the need to move the rear diff over to get access to a bolt. And then you have to get a 4 wheel alignment anyway, something I need regardless.

So today, I dropped the car off at my local shop. I know I saved thousands doing a ton of work myself, but I’m getting crushed (in my head) with their parts cost. That said, they’ll have it done while I’m at work, and have a 4 wheel alignment done which I cannot do myself.


Should have the car back soon. I’ve spent more on it than I already wanted to this year, but I guess now it’s going to be a longer term car to make the cost make sense. I enjoy it, and I like fixing it, I just feel bad for spending the money sometimes.

Do any of you feel a bit defeated when you have to bite the bullet and have a shop do something you know you can probably do yourself, but are limited but time and weather?


Pic of me & the car (and drone) for reference.

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