I backed out of my garage yesterday morning and clipped my mirror on the side of the garage. No damage besides a scraped mirror housing and of course my pride.

The car is a 2016 Mazda6. I have ordered a replacement body color “mirror cap” from a verified Mazda parts dealer. It’s technically for a 2015 6, but the mirrors didn’t change between years.

The cap itself is the body color plastic “skin”, if you will, of the mirror. It’s replaceable and is a separate unit from the mirror itself. What I’m needing is possible instructions and/or directions on how to remove the old, scraped up cap/cover and install the new one. What I’ve seen on the Mazda6 club Facebook pages is to just use a plastic pry tool and pull the cap up and off. There are assorted clips that hold it on.

Does anyone have access to more specific instructions? I just don’t want to damage anything else since the mirror itself is not damaged. Thankfully, it just folded forward and went back into place just fine. It helped that I back out of the garage at a relative angle due to the way our driveway is.

Photo of what I did:


Temporary fix with touch up paint:


The black part of the mirror housing is a separate trim piece. I’m going to try some of the plastic trim restorer on it.

Photo of the part diagram from my order: