So ive got about 500 miles (plus or minus some) under my belt on my FZR. Not much, i know, though its more than i put on my car this month haha. But its strange how quickly ive begun to have a desire for one of these. A Supermoto. Or a dirt bike converted street legal with street tires. I thought i would be a sportbike guy...

Dont get me wrong. If i could have 2 bikes i would keep this. But now im rethinking... 600cc is quick. Ive yet to even go WOT because i realize the power on this is insane. 1st to 2nd gear and youre already pushing the legal speed limit. I absolutely love this bike, and love that you can rev out to 11.5k rpms. That alone is intoxicating. The sportbike is an amazing machine, and i realize there's still is a lot to enjoy.

At the same time, im always worried about breaking something on the bike when the thing eventually falls over, which probably will happen in a parking lot embarrassingly. Plus im worried about theft. Now i dont know if supermotos are beginning to be new targets for thieves, but its already a given that sportbikes attract them. It seems like every guy i run into who had/has a sportbike has a "my bike got stolen" story.


The supermoto, to me, is the equivalent of the BRZ, coupled with the decent offroad capabilities of an older jeep. Pushing the limits within the legal boundaries, and being able to drive on more than just nice pavement. And that sounds like a hoot.

I guess to know which bike you truly want to ride, you have to start riding. Ill keep on riding my FZR, but if i come across a trade, a supermoto might just be its replacement.


Whats oppo think about Supermotos?