Ok, here is the scenario, and it is a real one. I will be purchasing a most likely brand new vehicle to replace Jazzie the Disco. The wife has said that I will be permitted to purchase another Land Rover some day down the road, but the time has come to put us into something reliable and sensible.

So here are my stipulations:

1. It must be at or under $40,ooo

2. It must be a "luxury-type" vehicle.

3. IT MUST HAVE A NICE LIVEABLE INTERIOR. (This almost automatically eliminates Toyota products.)

4. It must have leather and heated seats.

5. We do not want FWD, we very much prefer RWD but AWD is acceptible.

6. If it is used, it must: have very low mileage

be very reliable

be eligible for very good long term warranty coverage


7. It must be reasonably fun to drive and comfortable for 4-5 hour+ road trips.

8. Color options are as follows: Black, Silver, or possibly some kind of deep blue


I have previously suggested the 2015 Volvo V60 Polestar, but alas it was viewed as ugly by my better half. No big deal, to each their own. But at least she doesn't want an Audi anymore. This vehicle can be either foreign or domestic, but I have to clarify that it must be reliable, reasonably fun, useful, and a nice place to be for extended periods of time.


NO TAHOES/YUKONS/SUBURBANS/EXPEDITIONS/or any other gigantic suburban mama-assault vehicle.

NO two car situations. One vehicle only, none of this impractical track day miata and toyota camry bulshit either.