Net Neutrality is a great idea, but Title 2 is the worst idea.

Even if you think it’s a good idea, how is it even help if it can just be removed every 4 years?

Was the Internet so bad a few years ago? Sure there were a few questionable moves by ISPs and such back in the day but they were all resolved before Title 2.


Should we also be against Toll roads and Toll express lanes?

If we want to keep the net neutral we have to do it with consumer pressure, and innovation. Sure maybe you don’t have a choice in cable company now they are still using old tech what about new wireless tech? Any restrictions an ISP puts on consumers is an opportunity for some startup to fix.

Here’s a better overview of the issues:


We have to stop letting fear drive us to big government for help all the time. The government should fear it’s people, we shouldn’t fear our government.

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