Dear Oppos, as some of you may have seen (although understandable if you haven’t, news coverage is very minimal on this side of the world) – Sri Lanka (my home, where I grew up – although I now live in California) is being pummeled with historical levels of rainfall as a result of what has now become Cyclone Roanu.

*All photos from Sri Lanka Red Cross, not mine.

Hundreds are dead or missing from landslides at this point and upwards of 300,000 are displaced due to flooding. They are expecting more strong rains over the next few days which will worsen things.

Please help in any way you can – even small amounts of $ goes a long way out there, or even just spreading knowledge, sharing via social media, and positive thoughts helps a lot. Here’s a great local site in Sri Lanka with constant updates of how things are and ways to help-


The Red Cross takes online donations (link in above site or here -… ) and is probably the easiest way to help from outside the country.

It’s a wonderful tropical island with lots of kind (mostly poor) people, beautiful beaches, and lush forests – but sometimes, especially with recent erratic weather patterns, things go uncontrollably sour. The tsunami in 2004 was horrible, and the country is just beginning to flourish after the end of a long civil war as well, so this is just horrible timing.


Anyone who can help, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have or provide local information or contacts to the extent possible.