So with autonomous cars the vehicle gets the majority of its information through systems like lidar and radar, I’m right so far, right?

What’s the plan to deal with interference from other autonomous vehicles? I’m sure they’ll vary the wavelengths and or amplitudes of each car as much as possible, but if you’re in a area with lots of cars you’re bound to run by a car on the same freq/amp as you are. Not to mention I’m sure AVs (can we make that the new abbreviation for autonomous vehicles?) will only be given a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum by the gov’t.


Not to mention a radar’s advertised range is only how far away the radar is consistently accurate, basically antenna/receiver limited not by the waves themselves. So the radiation these things will be giving off will be going out vary far increasing the risk of interference with other AVs.

Is this a problem that’s already been solved in other applications that can be used for AVs or is this something a lot of people are overlooking about AVs?

Also if the topic of AVs got you a little bummed about the future here’s a picture of a Tesla roadster to make you feel better :)

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