What do you use to keep the infant car seat base from leaving permanent indentions in the seats of the car? My 6 has leatherette seats, and I’d rather them not end up with permanent creases. My wife’s CX-5 has cloth seats, so I’m not concerned about it.

I’ve looked at these:

Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

Summer Infant Elite DuoMat for Car Seat, Black

Of course, there’s the old fashioned way: a beach towel. What say you, dads of Oppo? Whatever I get has to stand up to the Kentucky weather which ranges thoughout the year from 10 degrees to 100.


My wife just hit 32 weeks, so it’s coming time to make sure the car seat and its bases are securely installed in both cars. Little man is growing and is expected to arrive a couple weeks early.