For language and violent thought, many many violent thoughts

this morning started great, I feel back asleep after i shut my alarm off. I only slept for another 15 minutes but I dont really have that built into my morning to get out of the house.

apparently last night someone left a chick tied up in the woods off the highway so traffic was a bit fucked with that. Cars are lined up to get on the highway so at this point the on ramp is just a merge of two endless streams of car. well Mr Prius doesn;t under stand how traffic works. and wouldn;t let me in. so he decides to push me off the road. yep fuck you cuntface, fuck a grenade. At that point I was all set with fuckstick and was going to let it go (after yelling out the window some) well fuckstick didn’t want to let it go. Even though he was in too much of a rush to let me merge, he had the time to STOP on the highway and spew some bullshit in my general direction. well guess waht, I dont have time for that so half on half off the road, I drop the clutch and pull in front of him. Fuckstick gets in the next lanes, asks me if I know what yield means and his goes on his way probably feeling like an cool dude. fuck you


i also stabbed myself in the finger last night trying to get the cuup holder trim off so every time I click the mouse I feel it.