the automotive equivelent of the last week:

a guy wouldn’t let me merge and pushed me off the road, he stopped to yell at me and I floored it and left him yelling at dust.

at work we figured out the guy who split with millions of investors’ money was a lawyer from NYC who scammed millions from financial investments in the 90s then went to Forida and scammed people out of millions in ivory and liquor, came here and did the same with realty investment

some chick called the cops saying some guy duct taped her to a tree and left her in the woods. 12 cruisers were dispatched to search her out. she was found pantsless and duct taped to a tree.

it was all faked. i’m guessing shes in deep shit now

i’ve been finding about 1 cricket a week in my house. I’ve never heard of crickets trying to come into a house


friday was draggin I was thing about how nice it would be to get out early. my wife called me at 2pm friday and said she was having contractions (for you young people thats what happens when babies are gunna pop out) Code Brown squared to the tenth power. shes at 29 weeks (theres 40 weeks) My leading theory is that she tried moving a window A/C hurt her back which caused muscle twitching.