OppoShopping: Fog Lamps

So I’m in the market for new fog lamps for Killer Queen. After each night shift, as we get closer to the Autumn season, the fog has been getting thicker on the commute home. So I want to get something that will cut through it.

I’m looking at Hella 550 Ambers, which are rectangular, and Hella 500 FOG‘s non-amber with yellow laminates and rock guard. One of the important things to keep in mind is that I need light fixtures that can be rotated 180 degrees so they don’t blind the everloving hell out of oncoming traffic since I’m going to have to bolt them upside down to the push bars.

A photoshop mockup showing both lights. Which one would be preferable?


If anyone has experience with fog lamps, I’m open to suggestions, though I’d like ones that also look good.

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