Any Oppos go to a chiropractor? I’m not a huge fan of pseudomedicine things, but it has helped before and I’m not looking to take medication if I don’t have to.


Last time I went was because I spent 3 consecutive days at a trampoline park with some pals practicing snowboard tricks, then could barely get out of bed on the morning of the 4th day. This time it’s from running (I think). I was running a lot from January until the broad street run in early May. Then I took a break, still working out but not running. I started running again about a month ago and thought I was taking it slow enough. My lower back has hurt so bad for the past week that I can’t stay in one position for more than a few minutes or sleep for long periods.

This is car/motorcycle related because it’s really nice today and I wanted to ride the Grom back from lunch. The Grom can make your back hurt on it’s own so I decided against it.

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Happy Friday!

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