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I decided to apply for a job today, and it has been a reminder of why I don’t do this very often. I haven’t applied for a job of any type since 2012, and all this resume updating and online application doing has taken a bunch of time. Although not required, I suppose I should write a cover letter too. I’ll probably finish things up tomorrow and check with a few folks to serve as references. I already contacted one person to serve as a reference and got an enthusiastic response, so the act of telling someone else made it actually feel real.

I’m not necessarily looking to leave the university, and the library is wonderful place to work, but a friend pointed me to a city job posting in a different but related field. I’m certainly qualified for the job , and it would be a very substantial salary increase (along with state retirement system reciprocity).

This work would be a lot less interesting than what I do now, but for enough money part of me thinks I could find a away to live with that. It would also mean supervising people again, which I’m more ambivalent about. I’ve done the manager thing before, and I’ve pretty happily worked my way to a place now where I don’t supervise anyone at all.


It seems like I should at least apply for the position. Given this is the kind of mid-career position I would expect to be filled via an internal search long before ever being listed externally in local government, maybe they’re looking for someone outside of their system.

Racecar picture for your time. If I were to be offered this job (and I were to accept it), I would actually be able to afford to play with the racecar again.

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