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Opposite Knock

The ignition issues continue in the Rover after installing the MSD 6A, a new coil, and a new set of plugs. I have a new cap and rotor on the way as well, but last night I tried some things and managed to get rid of the missing/stumbling. I cleaned the buildup off of the inside of the cap contacts, and checked all the wire terminals. #4 looked a little rough as I had previously repaired the distributor end of that wire. I redid my repair and all cylinders seem to be firing. Now the only issue I have is a bad knocking throughout the rev range, but it is worst at idle.

I’ve done some research and now I believe my plug gaps may be to blame for this. I set them at ~0.042 when I installed the MSD and the coil, stock specs are 0.033-0.038. I’m wondering if I went too big or if I should bump it up further. Timing is set at ~7 deg. advanced. Any obbos have opinions/experience on this?


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