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Opposite... lock ... help?

Mrs. BaconSandwich called me while I was at work today. She couldn’t get into the house. It turns out the deadbolt on our front door had crapped out. As soon as I got home from work, I took it apart. It appears that part of the bolt assembly has decided to disassemble itself:

For whatever reason, there’s sort of an extension on the internal bits of the bolt assembly. This has become loosened off from the rest of the bolt assembly, so turning the key doesn’t actually retract the rest of the extension - meaning the door stays locked. Anyone seen anything like this before? (I should have taken pictures of it while I had it apart). Any idea if I need to replace the entire unit?

On that subject, we also take possession of our new (to us) house, and need to get the locks re-keyed. Any idea how much this generally costs? Will a place like Home Depot be able to do it, or do I need a proper locksmith?

I’m almost tempted to get one of those fancy deadbolts with the keyless entry - where you punch in a number instead - for the new house. (I wouldn’t trust a Bluetooth one, or one that only has a 4 digit code - 6+ digits minimum). Any recommendations there?

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