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I’ve got an old Windsor Tourist that has been through a lot with me. In 2006 I rode it from Minneapolis to New Orleans, for example. Currently, I’m whipping my now fatter self back into shape, and I want to get back into riding. I dug the old girl out of the shed and I’ve been fixing everything that ails her.


I know Oppo has some bike experts, so here’s the dealio: My front derailleur is borked. I need a new one. It’s a Shimano Tiagra P/N FD-4403. The bike has a triple front chainring, and a 9-speed out back. The derailleur is a clamp on with a 28.6 mm clamp, and the shifters are Shimano Tiagra STI.

This part number is discontinued and impossible to find. What’s compatible? I tried researching it myself, but there are SO MANY different derailleurs!!! I just want something that’s durable and will be easy to slap on, adjust and go.

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