Stopped and looked at the only PP2 GT in my area. First thought is it’s missing the Recaro’s, which if I was able to sit in it I may be able to live without. But it’s still kind of a deal breaker for a 2nd car. The paint was a pretty color and I love the wheel color, but I’d be afraid of paint oxidation (my ST is bubbling/flaking paint under the hood all over, I’m going to have to take it in soon) over time. My one complaint is how sunken stock wheels seem to be on performance cars from the factory. That being said, these pictures do not do justice how meaty these tires are and how they stick out. Deflectors behind the wheels (available aftermarket for these) are a must. It had sync3 and the active exhaust, which are two wins for me, going back to the part about the seats, the car was dead when we went to go get in/test drive and the salesman didn’t know how to use the manual key. To be fair, my ST has the key hole by the door for this but there was no obvious on on this car. He’s going to call me back when they get it running, so maybe tbd.

Verdict: would understeerenthusiast return to his original kinja name, oversteerenthusiast and part with $40k for this car? Potentially, but a test drive and seat feel is needed.


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