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At Deal Killer’s urging, I present to you my latest find. Many of you post about fancy scotches and bourbons, but my focus is more on cheap-n’-cheerful most of the time.

With that in mind, I asked the fine folks at Goody Goody for a whiskey that was not quite drink-out-of-a-bag-at-the-bus-stop cheap, but close. This is what they recommended: Hobble Creek blended whiskey. This bottle was $7.29. My previous go to was Seagrams 7, a decent blend that you don’t feel guilty using for mixed drinks, but is good enough to sip alone. Compared to that, Hobble Creek is darker, with a more overtly smokey, musty taste, and a definite sweetness I’m not usually accustomed to. I find I like it. I’ll buy it again.


In the meantime, I broke out the regulation issue hip flask and took it out to the patio today to do my Zoom meetings with Scooby at my side. The one thing about remote work is you can day drink and your department head can’t smell the liquor on your breath during your meeting.  

Slainte friends!

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