VOTING CLOSED! We have a winner! In 10 mins the winner will be revealed. Hang tight!

Onlyan hour until Oppo COTD! Start voting on the candidates in the comment section and they’ll be counted for the winner!

Throughout the day, post links to the best comments you can find here in the comment section. At the end of the day (around 7:00PM EST) I’ll choose the one with most supporting responses and/or stars. This will be reposted throughout the day in case it becomes too hard to find. Update: in case you were wondering, $kaycog will NOT post the “rewards” she does on Jalopnik because she and others voted against it. It’s cool though.

Update #5: I think it’s between this one and the stage 2 CVT one. Sound off below!

Update#2: my find so far, what y’all think?


Update #3: Candidate No.2... thoughts?

Update #4: Candidate No.3, as suggested by interstate “Two Sheds” 366 is from Utica and has never heard anyone use the phrase “steamed hams”