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OppositeLock Comment Of The Day- "Dogs and Seagals" Edition

Well, now I know what my nightmares are about tonight.
Photo: ImmoralMinority

Dogs are adorable! But, they don’t forget their roots easily. Such is the case for Toby, ImmoralMinority’s dog, who killed a rat in front of him. This triggered a connection by Ash78 takes umbrage at the shade you throw:

Congratulations on your Oppo COTD win, Ash78 takes umbrage at the shade you throw! Here’s a little something to help lighten the murderous mood:

Eh, that didn’t help. Oh well.

*Oppo COTD will be back tomorrow, the candidate post at around 1:00 PM EDT and the winner revealed at 8:00 PM EDT. Don’t miss it!*


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