OppositeLock Comment Of The Day-- "Hold Me" Edition

In a post earlier today, Party-vi posted an opportunity for readers to gain authorship. You can find a link to it below:

And existing (for a long time, too) author Nibby used this opportunity to crack a joke, one that was Nibby-weird to begin with until Party-vi made it even better:


O....k..... But still, made me and 20-something others laugh hard enough for an Oppo COTD win! Congratulations, Nibby and Party-vi! Your reward? You get to be moderators on OppositeLock! Congratulations!

Oh wait, it’s required that you take some Twingos.

Readers: tomorrow at 12:00 PM EST will be the OppositeLock Comment Of The Day Candidate post! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for the best comments and make sure to post links to them in the comment section! Winners will be determined and posted at 7:00 PM EST! Don’t miss it!

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