OppositeLock Comment Of The Day- "The Peoples on the Bus" Edition

Sorry for the delay. But, let’s get on with this now!

Earlier today, there was a DOTS post about a rad offroad- multi-purpose Miata with a motorcycle in the back (see pic above). But, as usual, there’s another car in the background that is the source of ironic jokes. They were saying how they wouldn’t fit in the Miata here, but Chariotoflove twisted that into an opening and didn’t fail:


Congrats on your Oppo COTD win, Chariotoflove! Take your Twingo:

Honorable mentions: a bunch of comments on this post, couldn’t choose one so went with another great comment from a a different post:


Oppo COTD will be back on Monday, I’m gonna be taking the weekends off because I need rest from the long week. But don’t forget about it! The OppositeLock Comment Of The Day Candidate post will be back on Monday at 12:00 PM EDT (time-change) and the winner at 7:00 PM EDT. Don’t miss it!

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