Oppositelock Cool Wall Update

Welcome back to the Oppositelock Cool Wall! In this bi-weekly series, we take a look at five cars and vote for their position on the cool wall. This series mimics the now-defunct Top Gear Cool Wall.

The two SUV’s that got seriously uncool were the Lexus and the Infiniti. The rest were just uncool. But let be bring something up: THREE people actually thought the Infiniti was sub-zero. THREE!!! THREE!!! What is wrong with you rubes?


Since you guys have been on an “uncool” streak recently, how’s about I bring up some cars y’all can’t say uncool to:

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (1st Gen)

Ferrari 512TR


Honda NSX (1st Gen)


Nissan R390 Road Car


McLaren F1


Okay Oppo: seriously uncool, uncool, cool, or sub-zero?

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