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So here is the deal: Search in Oppo sucks. Truth is you would have better luck putting your search terms in google and looking for the oppositelock link. This means finding that one post you saw the other day, or similar topics, or images is pretty difficult to do, even if it was your post. The good news is there IS a way to organize our information in a the form of tags. What are Tags? Tom's got your back.

Now that you have a handle on the use, and logic of tags the next logical step is to create a directory for commonly used tags so that we have a record that is usable. Since I clearly don't have access to all the tags that people use I am using the tag system to have you guys help me create and maintain the directory and this is how you do it:

Step 1. when you post something using a tag that you like (Miatapanties, shameOhio, FordsWithFords, etc...no im just kidding, please only give me USEFUL AND FREQUENTLY USED tags) then simply include the "TAG" tag along with it. make sure to separate tags with a comma.


Step 2. I will crawl the TAG entries and add to the directly the best ones to this document, and dump the ones that don't have merit, then I will edit your post and remove the "TAG" tag.

Then all you have to do is type oppositelock.jalopnik.com/tag/tag where you will (hopefully) see just this one post and voila, you've got access to a directory of tags!

Now these aren't hot links, too much can change in Kinja and its too time consuming to link them all, so for now they are just a reference, see something you like? Add "/tag/whatever" to the end of oppositelock.jalopnik.com (e.g. Oppositelock.com/tag/clubopenings)


1. The "TAG" tag is on a list of sacred tags labeled "administrative and reserved" misuse these tags and we re-edit the tag to be "wall of infinite shame", or the like.


2. Do it again and we delete the post

3. Keep doing it and face the standard Administrative punishments.

4. Again, I don't want to add "MyBrownManualMiataMithLsConversion" as a tag, this is a directory that's means to be an aid, not a running joke.


5. DON'T!!! add your tag suggestions as a comment in this post.

Administrative and reserved.

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