If found return to no one. Keep it. I don’t need it.

Hidden deep within the archives of my grandmother’s closet, crudely drawn on a paper napkin band we see our first glimpse of the future: the four-door Corvette.

(Full Disclosure: A much younger version of myself was apparently bored at a restaurant and decided that he was a car designer.)

Jalopnik showed us what the seventh-generation Corvette would look like nearly three years before GM was hoping, and Motor Trend had their bullshit Apple Car thing. For Oppositelock to ever stand a chance at being taken seriously as a publication, we needed our own big, exclusive story.

And I’m glad to say I’ve found it.

While the expansion of the Corvette name to include multiple body styles has been speculated for decades, this is the first time we have definitive, photographic evidence that such a car existed.


While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I will say I will withhold my opinion on the exterior styling until I see a finished production model. Oh yes, this isn’t just some artist rendering, oh no, this is a future production model.

Recent GM budget cuts mean they must conduct development runs during Caterham trackdays.


One of our authors from Europe sent me this picture of what appears to be the four door Corvette being tested at the Nurburgring. I asked for more information, but he has, for some reason, stopped replying to my messages.

Now some of you may be pointing out that a four door Corvette does not make much sense, largely because it already exists.


The Cadillac CTS-V is currently in its third generation with a fully-fledged engine from the fastest Corvette in production, and Chevy themselves will sell you an LS with four doors.

This leaves many questions unanswered, and I will keep updating as I receive more information.




A video surfaced of a preproduction prototype losing a drag race to a Tesla Model S. Source could not confirm if driver had Tesla in “Ludicrous mode.”