Don't make me add Gawker-baiting to this.

J.K. Trotter comes in peace. at the invitation of the moderators. JK was a great sport yesterday, and as far as I am concerned, totally earned a place here based on the responses to folks from Oppo/Jalopnik.

  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Seriously, don’t be a dick.
  • And don’t be a shit-stirrer either (here or elsewhere that will lead back to Oppo. Specifically this entails no trolling, no troll parties, no burner baiting and no Jez baiting).


What did we mean by this? We mean treat others the way you would actually want people to treat you in a public space where consequences exist. Personal attacks, call to arm posts, asking who the most reviled commenter here is, essentially any commenting behavior which specifically negatively attacks another commenter or member of staff with the intent to cause disruption or general harm to a specific commenter or to the community at large is verboten. You will be warned, suspended or banned depending on the severity of the issue and other criteria.

We're a very diverse community, with commenters from every corner of the Gawker universe. We are the largest most prolific community blog here and as such we don't expect that everyone will always get along, but we expect for all of you to self-police your own behavior. On rare occasions this doesn't work, and that is where myself or one of the other admins will step in.


Thank you.