In the tradition of Jalopnik’s fantastic new feature Paper Jam, this is your mission, should you choose to accept it. Locate and share promotional materials pertaining to YOUR car.

The advertising must match your vehicle as closely as possible. Color is not critical, but at least try to match your ride’s specific trim level. The exact year of your car does not have to match, but generation and facelift revisions must. Dearly departed previously-owned cars will be accepted.

Use your mastery of Google-fu or your already-downloaded collection to complement your entry. Tag your post PAPER JAM and whatever else you feel is appropriate, and don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the replies below. If you do not have Oppo authorship, feel free to submit your homework in the reply section below, and it will get shared to Oppositelock.

Entries must include professionally-produced official materials only. No driveway pics or Craigslist ads, lest the secretary disavow all knowledge of your actions. Embedded videos are welcome. Bonus internet points will be awarded for the inclusion of things like cut-away mechanical drawings or closely-matching concept cars.


Oh, and this isn’t a contest or anything. Just an opportunity to open up some digital time capsules and reminisce about the era your car was born into. Besides, who needs an excuse for car porn?

This message may self-destruct without warning because Kinja. Good luck.