Much to the chagrin of passengers everywhere—whom I fully expect will cry at the bus station upon hearing this news—Oppositelock continues to exist today despite a bit of news you may have seen. And we’re not going anywhere.

That’s good news for you, our loyal base of 1.3 million global readers every month, because the Oppositelock staff as of late has been doing some of the very best work it has done all year—and ever.

From AMGtech’s explanation of the Nine Things Your Mechanic Wants You To Know to Jon Millers’s call for a stronger safety culture in motorsport to reviews of all the cars you forgot existed, we’ve been in force lately. That is not going to change—and we have a lot more in the pipeline.

As my colleagues at Live and Let Diecast so succinctly put it, you may continue your Friday as scheduled. We will be here, producing the content you enjoy with the quality you demand.


I can promise you that no matter what happens, our writers and editors will always deliver the no holds barred, access be damned brand of journalism you expect every single day.

Thank you for your continued support, and remember to drive like a champion every day.