Not every piece written gets front-paged. Sadly, some never get picked up and simply get pushed to the bottom of the page here. Before you know it, they are gone.

What I often wonder about is why that is? I know there is no answer, really. It’s just that some pieces I have written performed the opposite of what I had expected (and certainly hoped). Then again, if anyone could figure this out they’d win the internet.

Here are pieces I wrote which faded into the sunset (the bottom of the Oppositelock page is the horizon) before their time.

One I wrote debunking that “new” jet pack tech out of Arizona. It eventually got a few thousand views but look at all the cool art I put into it (I had a ton left over from my book on this technology.).


I guess timing belts aren’t sexy. But there were a few lessons here about how to handle a repeated malfunction in a USED car. And it had a happy ending.

I guess the one I did on wacky comments was a bit too self-indulgent? I thought it was funny.


Weekends can be tough. Sometimes the photospreads get picked up and sometimes they don’t. I think it was a shame so few people saw this beautiful Superbird.


I thought this one had potential. It’s like the origin story of a comic book character!

What got me thinking about this is a piece I wrote yesterday. Got a couple hundred reads and faded away.


Can’t win ‘em all. But you can recycle ‘em. Thanks for listening to me whine.

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