Make the mid-engine car on the left more like the mid-engine car on the right

Hear me out.

Parts are entirely discontinued. Front clips are expensive. I’m interested in doing something “a bit different.” The car drives fine, but the welded subframe bolt bugs me. If I’m going to find a repair for this, I’d like to go big.


Since it’d be costly and difficult to source any kind of OEM replacement subframe, the logical choice is to do something costly, creative, and difficult.

I’d aim for a custom-fabricated subframe with provisions for two electric motors. One for each front wheel. Like an NSX.

I never use the Frunk anyway on my MR2, so I might as well put that empty space to use.


I think this would be cheaper than a full EV swap, since the A/C and hydraulics are still powered by the car’s engine. Just the motors, relevant controllers, and a small battery pack. With regenerative braking and a big turbo alternator, I could have on-demand AWD.


Oppo, tell me this idea is too much. That I’m not qualified for a project of this magnitude. Talk me out of it. If it’s not silly, I’ll seriously do it and post all the crazy adventures here on Oppo.