Since I couldn’t get a picture to post on the Watchlopnik post earlier I figured I’d post this. My latest purchase a Ben & Sons Pantera. Looks expensive but isn’t very. Found this for under $50 and wasn’t even that cheap on Amazon last week. Downside is it needs better watch hand lume and has no points lume on the face. I might get it customized since I bought it cheap. Would be nicer with larger hands and lume on the 8 face points. Its a Japanese movement and without opening the back I think its a Citizen or Hattori. The leather strap is Hadley Roma quality. It doesn’t have a screw down crown so I’d be afraid to actually dive with it other than swimming, surfing or snorkling. The minute timer works well and actually works unlike my Breed Genaro with Seiko movement.The Seiko chronograph movement in the Breed watch died in less than a month of regular wear, that watch still tells time fine but the stopwatch is useless. Got it for about the same price as this watch and didn’t use it enough to realize the movement of that one was junk before it was out of warranty.

Illustration for article titled Oppositewatch, bought a new thing
Illustration for article titled Oppositewatch, bought a new thing

Its not very obvious in this picture but its 44mm wide x 48mm tall compared to my vintage Heuer at 42mm.

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