If you would like to join our Slack (NOT related to OppositeLock), you can reply down below with an email address you’re comfortable with giving out, or go to this website to generate a throwaway email (keep that window open as we will have to send you an invite.)

If you choose to go for the throwaway email, be sure to write it down just in case you need it later. Once you log in, you can change it to your preferred email; nobody else will see your email.

While we use Slack, which is for more professional use, we basically use it as how a Discord server might be used. So not 100% professional, but we do have channels to talk cars, and other serious stuff. We just prefer Slack’s platform.

We don’t really have rules except basically the #1 rule of Oppo: don’t be a jerk. Right now we have a handful of people left from the past year and a half, and it’s very nice and chill.

Link to Slack: https://oppositewonk.slack.com

Link to email: http://www.throwawaymail.com/