I just posted about Tesla and their surprise profit report. I sold TSLA because I thought that in the high $400 range, certainly it wouldn’t go much higher than that in the short term, eh? LOL

And I used some of that money to invest in Ford... which promptly went down.

I forgot who, but someone here on Oppo mentioned GUSH ... which I researched myself and decided to put some moolah into . It has done very well for me so far.


I also put some money into WANT (an ETF for consumer discretionary goods).

Since airlines and transportation stocks have gotten their share prices destroyed, I decided to put some money in TPOR


And lastly... my most aggressive/risky investment... UCO... which is an ETF that does oil futures.

For car-related stocks, I’m mainly watching Ford right now. The stock is cheap and if it’s one company I’m sure will weather this storm, it’s Ford.


And I like what they have been doing with Lincoln lately and I think the Bronco and Mach E will be hits. The F-Series and the Transit are still leading their segments as well.

I may decide to put some moolah into Ford when deciding to take profits in other stuff I have money in.


And that’s the challenge I face now... deciding when to take some profits in what and not do it too soon like I did with Tesla.

Here’s a race car made with moolah for your time:

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