I know there’s at least a few gamers on here since we have a Oppositelock Endurance Championship, so I just wanted to share my irrelevant feelings on some games.

Rocket League: what the fuck. I think it’s a game that simple to enjoy but incredibly difficult to master. I miss 99% of my aerials but that 1% where I make contact is awesome. I think this would be more fun if I had friends that played on PC.

Overwatch: still fun. I think the Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl for Halloween is great fun, and I hope they implement this as a permanent game mode. The current iteration would be fun to have, but I’d like Blizzard to expand on this - I’m optimistic since fans seem to enjoy it as well, although it does get repetitive. However, the fact that I haven’t gotten a SINGLE Halloween skin is incredibly frustrating, especially when I got boxes full of duplicate items. Unlike the Summer Games special, I actually want all of the Halloween ones, especially Mercy’s witch costume and 76's “Thriller” costume.


Civilization VI: fuck my life, right? I’m still getting used to diplomacy since the two other Civs on my continent didn’t like me from the get-go for whatever reason. I started a war to liberate two city-states from another leader who was being a gigantic knob. Then, America decided to wage war on me for territorial reasons while I was focused on my liberation front - naturally, they are now part of my (Greek) empire. I tend to play as an isolationist, but if someone wants to drag me into a war then I am going to make them pay. Now the Norwegians are angry because I don’t have a strong navy, so now I’m starting to build an advanced navy - I have a feeling they will be the first ones to fully witness it. I’m seven hours into my first game and only now starting to research gunpowder - it’s gonna be a long one. In short, I hope diplomacy gets further refinement through patches/DLC, although it could very well be that I’m playing it all wrong.

I really shouldn’t have bought Civ VI but I just couldn’t resist.

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