Scenario: An engine swap with a twist.

- You have to buy two cars, then swap the engines between them. Transmission swap is not required but is allowed.

- You have an unlimited budget and full access to any engineering resources you may need to complete the swap. Unlimited budget also applies to vehicle purchase.

- No “sacrificial” cars—ie no cars strictly to use for the best available parts and to dump your less desirable parts in. Both vehicles must remain functional and able to be used regularly.

- While both cars must be capable of regular use, how they are used is up to you. For example one could be your DD and the other strictly for the track, but at least one must be street legal.


- While you own either these cars you can own no others. You must keep them for at least 5 years. Modifications are allowed, up to $8000 between engine and suspension.

- Production cars only. No concepts.

- This is total fantasy, so the EPA can butt out. No emissions hoops need to be jumped through.



Here’s my pick:


Last-gen Silverado. Crew cab because I need room for people with legs. Not totally sold on the Z71 package but we’ll stick with it for now... either way 4x4 because I like to do a little light off roading from time to time. Obviously paint the chrome. 4.8L V8.


ZL1 1LE. ‘Nuff said.

The twisted logic: I want a Silvy SS. The LT4 would take on that task very well. I’ve also formed the impression of the 4.8 that while it should never have been put in a truck, it would make a wicked sports car engine. Not a ton of torque to move a truck, but it loves to rev out when it gets going. A few tweaks to it should give it plenty more power and let you rev the nuts off it. Then go full Colin Chapman on the unnecessary bits of the Camaro. So, supercharged truck and high-strung N/A V8 Camaro with all the suspension and aero goodies. Most likely wouldn’t be as fast as the ZL1 1LE stock, but it would be a unique experience :)


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