over at was (is: How to buy a used car without getting taken) a guide for buying used cars. Compared to what Steve Lehto (Steve’s Blog) presented here it is useless.

Still there are experiences out there that even a Lehto can’t cover. What are your best tipps for buying used cars?

Mine are:

  • Ask the previous owner how long brakes and tires last. If they last a uncommon short period of time (or miles) your probably looking at a well hooned car.
  • Keep additional cost in mind such as new tires. If your looking at a performance car you can easily invest another 1,000 bucks for new tires if the current ones aren’t good any more. Maybe doesn’t matter if you want to spent $50,000 or up for a 911, but if you are looking at an Impreza for $10k it does.
  • Compare to other cars of the same make and model with comparable mileage. You’ll get an impression what is a good car very soon.


Clickbait: BMW M1 by Andy Warhol, by Ahmad Ziyad Maricar from Bangsar, Malaysia - BMW Art Cars exhibition, CC BY 2.0